Sometimes when I’m making a video, I realize that I’m forcing myself to have a unique opinion on a topic when, in fact, it isn’t an honest opinion….it’s just me searching for something interesting to say. That’s OK, I guess, but I’ve been trying not to do it as much. 

Sometimes I’m not interesting. I like science fiction books and taking pictures and watching the same TV shows as everyone else. It’s exhausting to try and make every single part of your existence interesting. I hereby give myself permission to be boring.

I feel that way about designing a lot. I think it’s part of being creative- there’s this constant need to come up with new ideas but that pressure only comes from within. And ultimately you have to accept that being like everyone else isn’t a bad thing sometimes. It just means you’re human and can’t fire on all pistons all the time.

Oh yeah, the very worst things I ever designed were when I was like “I’m so sick of how everybody does things…I want to do something really NEW!” And then I do something that no one else would ever do…

…because of how terrible it is.


The many different shades of “I am so done with this shit” by Nico di Angelo.

A style experiment because I still don’t know how I want to draw Nico.

The first day of filming on the Avengers was definitely one of the great moments of my life; a bunch of fully grown adults, most of whom were stonking great movie stars, all pointing and laughing at each other.

"Look at you in your Spandex!" "Well, look at you in your Spandex!"

Tom Hiddleston on filming The Avengers (x)


Pacific Coast Highway, just south of Big Sur, California | “Matt McGrath”
"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."Mae West (via feellng)



I cant open the gif but im going to bet all my money its the its fucking red guy